Welcome to Dolly’s Girly World.

You may think oh this is about dolls and you would be right. However it is also about 7 girls who mean a lot to us. Elva, Dolly, Maisie, Daisy, Hollie, Rosalie and Amelia-Rose

This site will be about their life, tutorials for all things dolly and girly and a bit of light heartened fun.

As we’re new we will update more as time goes on and a regular pattern should form.

Read ahead for each of the girls stories.








To navigate the blog you can either pick what you look at by categories. Any posts about each baby will be under the category that is named after them, if it’s a how to make or care for you baby it will be under tutorials. If it’s a general post about us all it will be under Dollies and any clothes related items will be under Wardrobe.

We also will do the odd review of items we’ve bought or own and we have a youtube channel so any videos will be posted in a blog post and categorised under youtube channel. Click here to find us.

Alternatively you can read in order by month or view the calendar dates and see what was posted on each highlighted date. There is also a search button at top just under the title and can be found be clicking the magnifying glass.

Links to our facebook page is also to the right. Any pages we create that we want to be seen more than a simple post will also be added there like our welcome post, disclaimer and recommended sellers. They can also be found to the right of this page.

We always welcome feedback and opportunities for others to share on our blog so if you want to take part just use the link to Dolly’s Girly World facebook page and drop us a message.

We also have a roleplay facebook group this is the chance to add your photos to a group of like minded people who like to have fun. The link is here.

We now have a Flickr group for our non facebook users to take part in sharing their adventures! Come join us at Dolly’s Adventures

We also have an email. Any problems or things you want to share please  email us. The address in on the links page



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