Cuddle therapy

Reborns are a work of art and were originally bought for collectors. Those who would store them in a glass cabinet and rarely touch them.

Since being interested myself I’ve seen many people who collect them and for many reason. The main one being related to children. Either they’ve lost a baby and get one to fill that space, they can’t have children or never found the time or right man to have children with.

There are other reasons of course but these are the ones that strike out at me.

So why a reborn when you’re grieving or infertile.They look and feel like a real baby. You can clothe them, pretend to feed them, name them, take the out, call them your child and you can hold them, cuddle them, love them.

Some get pets to cuddle some get a reborn. The feeling that is creating from holding a baby is usually joy, a feeling of peace and happiness. But what is that is just too painful well I can say holding and loving a reborn is very very close and a wonderful feeling.IMG_0451 IMG_0366[1] IMG_0180[1]11053227_1459844290979374_6685521948352389919_n 10868006_318474438360769_6641270439157561848_n


People of all ages are comforted by these beings. My children adore their ‘sisters’ and find comfort in having girls around the house who they can baby forever but also don’t need great care and attention if they’re too busy.

Even men can benefit. For us the dolls have brought some joy back when we needed it most and for me the cuddles make me feel hopeful, human and ever so slightly fulfilled.

Daisy has a soft body and although she’s over 5lb in weight you almost can’t feel that weight she’s just right for long holds. Dolly comforts me when I’m the most sad and need a little cheery face looking at me going come on mamma smile for me. Dolly and Maisie are harder to get a good snuggle from but they still provide the benefits of a cuddle therapy.

Cuddle therapy can help lower anxiety levels and improve depression. Many care homes have owners coming in with dolls for the residents to cuddle.

Why not tell us your experience of having a reborn during hard times over at the facebook page

All together they give this household much need pink injection.



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