Daisy’s Story


Daisy is our newest baby to the house and she is a lot bigger than Dolly and Maisie. I decided to get Daisy as I wanted a real sized baby not just one to look and feel like a baby. I chose Daisy purely because she is pretty.

Daisy is the lulu kit by Jen Printy.

Daisy is more feisty than Maisie but also a silent being. She loves to sit and watch but also really enjoys her snuggles. She is an open mouth baby so can take a modified dummy/soother/pacifier which I will be doing a tutorial on very soon. She can also mimic taking a bottle and suck her thumb.

Daisy came about out the blue. When I thought harder about it I liked that she had same letter as Dolly and same sound as Maisie so it stuck even if it’s gets confusing at times. Her middle name comes from rainbow. I considered her my rainbow reborn and Rai seemed appropriate for her. Daisy also means Pearl so a further connection to her reborn sister and Rai means next child which a rainbow baby after a loss can be.



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