Dolly’s Story


Our first doll is a little cloth baby. She is gestationally the size of a 24 week baby so she’s a tinker.

Dolly is a memorial baby and if you read the about section you may notice I mentioned 4 girls but there’s only 3 dolls. Well the 4th girl is a girl named Elva.

She is our first daughter and our 3rd child. She was born at 27 weeks weighing 1lb 5oz and 14 inches long. Dolly is her memorial doll. Our memory and our comfort.

If you want to read about Elva then visit my blog: A Tiny Beauty.

Dolly is our only talker (mummy does the voice hehe) and she’s a cheeky sassy chick with a huge heart. She loves relaxing with her sisters and real brothers. Shes super girly and loves dresses and pink but looks awful in yellow.


She was made by me and came to us in November and is currently 7.5 months old.

Her name came from the fact she’s a doll and at the time we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name. The Belle part came from Elva’s middle name being Isabel. Dolly means in England gift of god and Belle means beautiful which you can’t deny she is.



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