Small dolls need small furniture. Bigger babies can use baby stuff and once again smaller dolls are limited to doll items. Although there’s an abundance of pink you can find a few rare items that are good value, not plasticy and not too pink. Click the pictures for the links

Wooden highchair from Amazon


Dolly started of as the only doll so she has a single bouncer chair which I covered with a crochet cover. Then when Maisie came I sought out a double one. These can be bought on Argos as part of a dolls set with pram, highchair etc. I got mine on ebay and took a lot of searching but found it under dolls rocker.


This pram is suitable to maximum of about a 15 inch doll. It’s a vintage style with little work needed to put together and easy use for toddlers.


My babies sleep in their own beds. The smaller dolls sleep in a dolls moses basket which is no longer listed but was bought from amazon and are other colours. It came with a stand Daisy’s bed was made by Mamma and was inspired by this basket pattern.

There are other good beds for dolls here

 IMG_0384 10450345_1414746135489190_4555185082066477155_nIMG_0383

Another couple of ebay finds a dolls swing and baby annabel cosy coupe car. Both these items can’t be found brand new but you may have luck on preloved sites. Dolly swings can be bought new but tend to be plastic. Other baby annabel cars are suitable for this size.


Clothes storage. This is a bookcase with wired rails and cardboard hangers. You can also cut down baby hangers with wire clippers and sanding off the edges.

Their socks, tights and smaller items are stored in the boxes above. A hook to the left hand side is used to hang some of Daisy’s bigger items.


Hope you enjoyed seeing the girls extensive collection.



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