Hair care

Reborn hair looks very real and often feels very soft. But it’s not real hair it’s mohair which is a fabric so it needs to be treated as such. This means it doesn’t need washing like hair and doesn’t need hair products using in it.

To keep your babies hair neat and tidy you can add half and half of water and fabric conditioner, I use about 2/3 water 1/3 fabric conditioner.


To use spray onto a soft bristled or baby brush and brush to style. You don’t need a lot and makes the hair less wet if put onto the brush.


From unruly and messy to neat and tidy


You can then carefully add headbands if you wish. Repeated brushing can weaken the hair so try not do this as a daily routine or your baby may start going bald.

 IMG_0488   IMG_0489



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