Maisie’s News

Earlier this week we noticed Maisie’s eye had slipped out of place and looked like she needed help. I was unable to do this myself and didn’t want to open her myself. As I planned to give her a much needed spruce up it was decided she would go sooner rather than later.


So at the end of this month she will going off to Croatia to get her eye fixed, her lips sorted and a little more hair added. She seems to collect dust where gloss is normally applied and she just need a little clean up.

One day I’d like to give her a makeover but we also love her the way she is. In the mean time she’s sporting a fetching if slightly large eye patch so as to prevent dust creeping in.


 3 weeks 4 days and she’s off for about 2 weeks. We’re very nervous here and Dolly is sad she’ll miss Maisie whilst she’s away. Mamma isn’t ready to send her off but needs must.



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