Maisie’s Story


When we got Dolly I still wanted a reborn doll. A doll to look like a baby but also be Dolly’s friend. One day on a facebook group Maisie was posted by her owner and I asked what doll kit she was as she seemed almost perfect.

It was then she informed me she might be for sale and if I wanted her she could let me have first refusal once she had decided. Two weeks later she was her with us.

Maisie is the Mai sculpt by the artist Aki Yamada. She is same size to Dolly but heavier, however they are the best of friends.

Maisie is a quiet sort and doesn’t talk at all. She sits patiently listening to Dolly all day and never grumbles. Unlike Dolly she looks amazing in yellow but less so in red although she had a couple of items, so the girls do get to have their separate clothes at times.


Maisie came because of her sculpt name. Yes it’s said different but seemed so right. Maisie means pearl and that prompted her middle name.

She was born in March and arrived here April time and will be 4 months old in 4 days time.



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