Outfit change

I like to change my girls every 2-3 days. I haven’t time for more often plus it’s good to give them a break from being handled daily. Plus I get bored of the same thing and excited to try new outfits out especially for Daisy as she’s not even half way through trying all her clothes.

So today is romper day!!

Daisy’s romper is a fine knit spanish all in one bought from Kiddiklobba. Her shoes are Baypods off ebay and her socks from primark


Dolly’s Romper is vintage knitted traditional romper made by a friend with a fairy vest underneath from Frilly Lily. The pattern can be bought here amongst others. Maisie’s romper is from Frilly Lily which have a limited but excellent stock of 12-14 inch dolls clothes and my girls have many items with 2 more on the way!

The girls socks are also from ebay and can be found under baby annabel sock search.

Maisie’s dummy clip is also from ebay.






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