Where to buy

I have two small dolls classed as micro prems. Dolly is 13 inches and Maisie is 12 inches. It can be hard to find small clothes for this size that aren’t wooly or just all in one pyjamas.

I thought I would do a list of what I found:


Searching for nicu clothes is the easiest way of finding genuine baby clothes for your micro reborn. Dolly is 1lb 5 oz and Maisie is bigger at 2lb 2oz but they both fit up to 1.5 lb nicu preemie clothes due to their size rather than their weight. Clothes for babies between 1-3 lb tend to be a little bigger and baggy.

Many nicu clothes tend to be vests and all in ones but its a start.

Early Baby Store do all size baby clothes right up to 8lb

Baby Prem also do many sizes and colours and maybe have larger selection

Cheeky Chums sell preemie babies clothes for babies in neonatal but they also sell other styles listed under bereavement clothes. This isn’t for everyone but it’s an option. Please take note bereavement wear is sent out before any other orders so if you do chose to buy and it is for a doll please let them know it is not urgent.

Here is Dolly in a babygro with hat and mitts.


Alternatively you can look on ebay, amazon and in many baby clothes stories although few stock clothes for below 1lb babies.


It may seem odd to suggest looking at dolls clothes for a reborn but many want baby clothes and search for baby clothes but many dolls clothes are less dolly and more stylish now and are worth a look for a well fitting outfit.

Search by length of doll and double check measurements. For my 12  & 13 inch girls I find following useful.

Frilly Lily is brilliant for a few different items including night wear and shoes.


eBay. I know many think it’s full of cheap items but I’ve gotten the girls items meant for baby annabel that fit perfectly.


Socks and pretty handmade dresses made by: Miss Polly’s Dollies. Miss Polly can be followed on facebook but does not take custom orders so need to watch out for her auctions on ebay that occur on a regular basis.


There are also many makers on facebook who will make dolls clothes and some waldorf doll makers will assist your search.

Mamma also makes clothes for babies and dolls so don’t forget to support me by saying hi over on our facebook page.

I will also be sharing clothes I’ve made on this blog with links to tutorials I’ve used fully or adapted for my own use.

If you make dolls clothes let us know over on the facebook page and we let you know how you can be added to this list.


Your small babies can even have jewellry. Elasticated rings for adults are perfect for their tiny wrists and bracelets make excellents necklaces!



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