Barefoot Sandal with Matching Headband Tutorial

Barefoot sandals are a pretty alternative to shoes especially in the summer.

You will need * fold over elastic *felt or other materials to add * glue OR needle & thread

Placing one end of the elastic in middle of baby’s foot. Bring it round to the right and around the back of their ankle and back to same point.


Bring elastic to right and under the foot back to start point once more.



Holding Elastic where it ended cut about 1.5 cm smaller. Cut another length of elastic the same. This gives a bit of tightness on the foot so stays in place.


Folding elastic  towards the left as shown about 1/3 of the way down bring other end up to meet it but bring it from the right to create a figure of 8.


If you’re using something small you can put the edges to the back so their hidden.
image        image

You can glue the layers of elastic to each other and your bow, flower, butterfly on top. Or you can stitch all this if prefer.

To create the felt flowers save this image. I had to use word to do this in but you may have your own way. The bar on bottom is what you need to measure to 3 inches. I found the 3 inch flower smaller that I imagined and put them on the sandals. I then reprinted it at 5 inches for the headband. Click the picture for the tutorial link.


To place on your babies foot put both sections on your fingers like a hairband. Place over babies toes then push the first band up babies ankle.

image imageimage

They look so cute on giving little toes a little air but still keeping those tootsies sweet.


image image


To make a headband follow the picture




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