Making tights from socks

I warn you now this is very heavy on the pictures but it’s needed I promise.

To make a pair of small dolly tights from adult socks you will need:

* brand new pair of socks. (knee or even thigh high socks can be used for bigger babies if you’d prefer to not buy baby tights) * ruler * pencil * soft tape measure  * paper *sewing machine and tools

First you need to measure your doll. You will need a soft flexible tape measure. If you don’t have one use string and measure against your ruler. Lay your doll so the leg is flexed as much as possible


You will need to measure the following: widest part of leg all way round. waist all way round, inside leg making sure to measure slightly up the body if clothed & outside leg from toe to waist. I measured straight and added extra on later to accommodate the bent knee. Also measure around the ankle and across the crotch directly between legs where the vest buttons sit.

image image image image

Next we draw the pattern. Mark a line up and across in the corner of an a4 sheet of paper. Measuring from the crossed corner on the longer edge mark the outer leg measurement and mark (A) then mark the inside leg measurement (B). On the short side mark half the ankle measurement (C).imageimage 

From B mark half the widest leg measurement and mark D. Join C & D. That’s the leg part of your tights.

Now going horizontal from D mark half the crotch measurement. Draw up from that point and draw across from A to meet the lines (E) as shown in picture. From E measure 1/4 of the waist measurement and mark F.


Drawing a line join B & F then round it outwards slightly. This just provides slightly extra give to fit the rounded hips of a dolls soft torso.


Round the toe area and cut out


Now my socks are worn and not new but my babies have a lot of tights already and for sake of tutorial I decided to use a pair of socks I no longer enjoy wearing. You can use worn socks but they don’t look as nice.

Straighten out your sock so the design and grain (the lines created by the knit) is going in same direction. Place your pattern on so the top is level to ankle of sock this saves adding extra elastic.

You may find the outer edge matches the fold of the sock I didn’t find it did fully. It’s up to you if want to cut on fold or not.

Depending how you took your measurements you may need to add extra to accommodate a bent knee. You simply cut a bit more at the toes and can set your pattern 1-2 cm lower on sock so you have extra at the waist. My baby has a fairly flat bum and tum so I chose to not do this.


You will end up with 2 joined pieces or 4 separate ones.


Placing the sides you want on the outside against each other sew from the crotch to the waist on other side. Repeat for both. Open out the tops so can see the inside waist area.

 image image

Place the opened sections together as shown. If you normally sew you will know how to sew the crutch of something like this. If you don’t this is best way I could find to explain. You will then ignore that top edge and start joining the cut edges that will go down middle of tights under crotch and round back.

image image

This can be tricky to sew so make sure the legs are to the left out the way and should be easier.

Once you’ve sewn the edge you pinned you can turn the tights out and you have a pair of dolly tights.

It’s good to experiment with a couple of pairs to ensure a decent fit before start on nicer socks.


Here is my babies relatively small (her hum ok its large) pile of cute sock tights.11138521_1432851297012007_3392925803815940724_nimage

Bonus is you can use same pattern to make trousers.

I laid the pattern down but you will have more accurate results if draw round it. Square off any curved lines and add 1.5- 2cm to all sides except at ankle. The closer to line to the tights pattern piece the tighter the trousers will fit. This is good for stretchy fabrics like jersey or stretch denim but for cottons make the pattern bigger rather than smaller as you can adjust more easily.

Add elastic to the waist by making a casing and hem the legs. I will try get a tutorial for this soon.

image image





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