Modifying Baby Soothers for your reborn

So Daisy is an open mouth baby and some open mouth babies can take magnetic dummies of which Hunny Bunny Reborn soothers are the best type. However Daisy doesn’t have a magnet and therefore takes a modified soother. I found simply cutting off the teat wasn’t working and when she was moved it would fall out. So I hacked up a soother of my sons and succeeded. This wasn’t easy tutorial to photography so I tried to include different angles.

The style of teat helps. I found the ones designed for newborns were not as good as the slightly bigger ones and don’t be afraid to use the toddler sized soothers as they seem to actually work the best for me and don’t look too oversized. I fear Daisy has a bit of a big head so its just best to experiment with sizes.


Anyway I find the straighter teats the best. The angled teat has a smaller base and doesn’t stay in the mouth as well


First you need to cut off the bulbous end. You need to cut about 1.5 – 2 cm up from base. I cut just past the point the base starts to widen for the tip.


Facing teat so it looks flat cut the edges. Good indicator is cut so looks straighter.


Few angles of how it should look once both sides are cut. You will have a little V shape groove in sides.


Next making sure soother is the right way up you need to cut the top part off so have the bottom part longer than top as I hope these pictures show you.

imageimage image

As you can see the soother stays put laid down or sat up. She wouldn’t sit still as she loved her soother so much so I apologise for the fuzzy picture. Remember to cut small bits off as it’s always better to need more off than have to throw it away because you cut too much .



Since modifying the pink dummy I bought some white ones as her other white one doesn’t always stay in that well and on occasion you can see her top lip above. When they came the teats looked very narrow and I just knew they wouldn’t stay in either.

So I cut as I had cut the other by cutting the rounded section off but this time I cut down the side slightly instead of snipping sides off. I then pushed on the teat to make it open and splay slightly. This worked really well to hold in her mouth

image imageimage

I then decided to cut a bit extra off and reglue the rounded section back on with silicone glue so it looked like a normal soother. It still drops out at times but better than wasting them.


You can also use baby bottles for fake juice and milk. Click the picture below to find my tutorial for how to .




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