Simple Help to making Headbands

To make headbands you need elastic.

You can use different kinds: fold over, crocheted elastic (these come as ready to decorate headbands), lace and normal sewing elastic.

To determine length you need wrap a soft tape around your babies head so it sits alone base of skull up past top of ears and across forehead, basically where a band sits. Use that measurement to cut a length of elastic. If your elastic is very stretchy cut the length 1-2 cm less than head measurement. Once you overlap the edges you lose approx. 1 cm and it helps the band stay on better but you don’t want it too tight as will pull out the hair.


You can then overlap the cut edges by 1 cm and either sew them together or glue. Here’s some examples of headbands and wheres there a tutorial a link will be provided and the text highlighted to indicate so .

Elasticated lace headband with felt flower


This is a headband I made (on the left) and one I bought ( on the right) We both put the join behind the decoration and due to their designs being circular they covered it up with felt glued on. Now why didn’t I think of that!


You can use the fold over elastic shiny side up but I sometimes like to use it with the softer side facing up. Fold over elastic is generally used for cloth nappies to edge the leg holes of waterproof wraps (I’ve not seen it used for any other sewing but interesting to find out other uses) so for that the softer side is faced out so its gentle on baby skin. For headbands the shiny side tends to be facing out I can only assume because the softer side sticks to fine hair better staying more in place. I however haven’t encountered an issue using either side.

Below is a bow I made by accident on fold over elastic (FOE) with shiny side up and other headband elastic that has a nice decorative edge. The felt rose tutorial can be found here  and matches the barefoot sandals I made. The other bow shows elastic with softer side up as I felt the organza ribbon was better suited to this.



You can use clear elastic for when a coloured band just doesn’t suit and the wearer is too young for clips. I sewed mine so test how it reacts to glue before ruining a nice headband. Fabric is a nice alternative to ribbon and felt and can be made to match an outfit or skirt. This method can also be used to make a bow tie to match boys trousers.

Similar tutorial to how I made mine. Experiment with different sizes.


Another idea I came up ( not my original idea ) with was using lace for the front part and elastic round the back so it could be put on easily and stay in place but could also use non elasticated things. This was hit and miss as the elastic I put on initially was too small and it didn’t go on so maybe test out elastic lengths before cutting unlike me.


These are 4 headbands I made the smaller babies.

Headbands can be crocheted and knitted. The pink and white is entirely crochet and so easy to adapt to a smaller head without overwhelming it as it is designed to be very simple anyway. Here is the written link and video link The pink and grey flower is on pink elastic I found at my local market and the flower is here.

The white ones are not elasticated. As my babies heads are small I felt they could handle them. On occasion they do slip down but generally for teeny heads they are good. The lacey one can then have tiny clips added to decorate or be worn on its own. These need cutting slightly smaller than head measurement about 0.5-1 cm.

image image

You can also adjust simple adult headbands by shortening the elastic by cutting and gluing or sewing smaller.

There are so many ideas and tutorials out there I couldn’t possibly find them all for you. Good places to look are google search and pinterest. Majority of tutorials out there will be on pinterest.

Alternatively there are many good crafters who make amazing headbands. If you’re interested in being added to our site as a seller then contact us on the facebook page.

Here are the babies showing off some of their headbands. Maisie is wearing a knitted headband she arrived with in first picture, it matches her pretty dress.

11087981_10203895763576819_1242850444_n 11088335_1432850283678775_6486832904191352706_n

11102865_1432851010345369_7157618964439549468_n 11430175_1459252997705170_1445744673502506821_o



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