Trips Out

Taking dolls out in public can be a sore issue for some.

Some don’t want to , some don’t feel they can and others do so freely.

We live in a very small village the kind where everyone knows your business. After our Elva passed it wasn’t possible to boldly scroll out with my babies as I just know I would be gossiped about so I got my thinking cap on.

The first trip was to my daughters resting place. The smaller babies were placed in a bag and we walked back with them in my sons pram as it was quiet.

11010500_1438962956400841_2430500300996775490_n (1)

Then I thought about how else we could get them out and a sling or carrier seemed a good option. As they are tiny I needed a special carrier designed to tuck two babies in and here is what I came up with

This is very like a mei tai carrier with a panel at front and straps for over shoulders and across waist.

However I did it from jersey which for a human baby is a no no and its all enclosed.

The babies are inside it on the first picture but can’t be seen. They can’t fall out and instead of being looked at for being odd ball carrying dolls………

IMG_0096 IMG_0100

I can be looked at for looking like I’ve odd breasts.

IMG_0099 IMG_0128

This was our second trip on a very quiet family walk. Maisie was sleeping and Dolly peeked out to admire the view.

IMG_0131 IMG_0133

Next task is figuring how to sneak Daisy out. Daddy has a plan to use our bike trailer will update if we manage this.

If not we will try tandem carrier wearing.



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