Ruffle Jersey Cardigan Tutorial

I saw a cute set and it was a white cardigan and red leggings. I nearly bought it as it was only £4 but then I realised I had the materials here I could make it for free! So here is the cardigan part.

To make this you need a t-shirt pattern, close fitting if possible. You can buy patterns, I used this one, or you can draft your own.

Pictures have a filter on if you think oh they look weird it was to hide the terrible state my tablecloth is in. Months of using it to cut and pin outfits together have torn holes in it and really needs replacing!

Anyone on we go. Using a pattern cut out the bodice front in 2 halves adding 6 cm to each centre edge and the back  on the fold so you have 1 piece but only to the waist. If you’re unsure where that point is go for just above half way point. Next measure the width of each piece and cut a rectangle twice the width of the bodice. The length should be from waist to hem plus 2 cm of your bodice pattern otherwise it’s same length as bodice shoulder to waist measurement. These will be referred to as the skirt.


Start by joining the shoulders and side seams (under armpits) of the bodice. Join the short sides the ‘skirt’.

image image

Find the centre of the back bodice piece and mark with a pin. Now working with the bodice inside out fold the front section over by 1 cm then 3 cm on both sides to create a placket. Your aim is the inside folded edge will be in line or just past the pin centre line.


Once you’ve done both sides they should meet up like shown. Your buttons and button holes will be added to this when you’re done. Sew close to the inside folded edge to secure.


Cut a strip of jersey the same measurement of the neck. So measure the curve from one placket edge to other. Some of these bindings are cut on the bias and shorter than needed to create a tighter neckline but as this is for neatness you don’t need to do this.

Fold under the short end and start pinning one edge to outside of cardigan to other placket edge and fold under that edge. Sew as close to edge as possible.


Turn to the inside of cardigan so only a few mm’s are showing on the outside and sew close to edge. Trim excess inside.


Smoothing the seams down on the skirt section so they are open and flat start folding up the long edge. Fold up (or down) 1 cm then another 1 cm and pin in place. You only need to do this on one of the long edges.


On the short edge fold 1 cm then 3 cm to the inside and pin so it overlaps your hem. Sew  along the inner folded edges along both short edges and the hem.

image  imageimage

Thread a needle and on the unsewn long edge of the skirt sew a gathering line. Start at stitched line and stop at first seam. This keeps the placket flat. Once reach the seam line up the placket edges of the bodice and the skirt then do same for the side seam of bodice and skirt keeping the seams flat.

  image  image image

 You will notice the skirt section is too big to fit the bodice section so you need to pull that thread to gather the skirt piece till it measures same as bodice front. Pin in place and continue your gathering stitch in back section. Repeat gathering and stitching then sewing again for the last section. You can do your stitch through whole skirt then pin and gather but it takes a lot of fussing I find so recommend doing section by section.


Once all pinned and gathers are distributed evenly sew the edges together. Then zig zag stitch or serge the seam to neaten it.


Cut the edges of the seam slightly at an angle as shown. Next keeping the seam facing down so it’s level with skirt you’re going to sew the seam down just on the placket section on both sides.


This shows difference between trimming that seam corner at an angle and not.image

Sew the sleeve edges together. I chose to add extra to my sleeve and not have much of a cuff but it’s up to you what style sleeve you do. Zig zag stitch the edges. Now fold up the cuff (to the inside) 1 cm then another 2 cm pinning in place. Pin with pins as shown because then you will flip this turned up section to the other side so ends up on the inside of the sleeve (remember you still have it inside out so the inside is really the outside)

Sew along the outer folded edge.


When you turn sleeve right way round it will look like this. Looks funny right. flip that up and you will have a faux cuff without needing to add extras on.


Turn bodice inside out and pin sleeve bottom seam to the side seam of bodice and top seam to the shoulder. Sew together and zig zag the edges.


Now you just add your preferred fastening. You can use sew on popper, kam snaps, buttons or even velcro. I chose buttons and just put them on the top section. Here is my version. I would in future maybe add extra to the skirt section to create more gathers but overall I’m very pleased.


You can use a t-shirt pattern to make another cardigan. Here is Daisy in hers. Click her picture to reach a tutorial, there’s two.





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