With 3 girls with different styles to buy its a hard life shopping.

Now the girls probably have way too many clothes but they’ll never dirty them, never destroy them and never grow out of them so its ok… right!

These two items arrived this week for Daisy! The yellow one because of her name and the ladybirds because we love them in this house. She can only wear the onesies in 0-3 months or they sit a little tight on the crotch and legs.


Arriving next week are these beauties. The snow suit and smocked dress are from same seller as the above items. I adore smocked dresses now I’m older and the other pink dress is such a simple classic style I also adore it. My babies need to be modest. The snowsuit may seem premature but I’ve been looking for one for couple months now and its was £4!


Now Daisy can’t have all the goodies so Dolly is getting a yummy red tartan romper next week and Maisie I was going to get a top and bloomer set but saw this dress and decided she’d suit it so well.

Maisie has her own romper in blue with bunnies on too so they look super cute!


At this point you probably think phew she’s thinking ahead…… well I’ve decided on the girls christmas dresses! I should add at this point I’m in process of making their halloween dresses which I will reveal soon and I have autumn dresses planned with Natalie (our guest blogger) for her babies and mine.

Anyway Maisie will be getting a rose gold bubble dress with sequins in satin.

Dolly will getting a red top with tartan skirt attached. The original dress I saw has a velvet top which I’ve found in the past to shed horribly and stick to Dolly’s skin so will be finding a different material for that section maybe just simple jersey. Hoping for her skirt to be a little brighter too as the one featured has black in there so I will be adding greens and white.

Lastly Daisy will be getting a dress like this one from come to the mouse house blog and I will be following their tutorial. Here is the link is you need it : Dress Tutorial. I will be doing shorter sleeves and I’m finding the material impossible to find too so will keep you updated when I start.


I’m already planning ahead to spring dresses! Think flowers.

I will sharing in the coming weeks a few items I’m currently in process of making including their halloween/can wear all year dresses.





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