Our Week

What have we been up to this week well boringly not a lot! I’ve been so busy the girls haven’t had a lot of attention off me so on Thursday I changed them all into pretty outfits and had a play on the floor.

The night before I had gotten a message off someone judging my possesion of these girls which stung a little. So we took opportunity to get a shot of all 3 of them. The light isn’t the best for Daisy here but she looks amazing in her vintage (50’s) dress in red spotty cotton which was made by Big & Small Creations. aka Mamma. Dolly’s Cardigan, Maisie’s outfit were also both made by me. Dolly’s vest I bought off a seller and is a nicu vest with lace sewn on and is super cute on her.

 image  image

Anyway as I was pondering the hurt I felt and wanting everyone to know I wasn’t going mad my boys arrived home and my youngest popped himself down in the dollies play circle and happily joined in. If I ever needed proof this was fun and healthy fun this was it so cute to see him sit with them like they’re his friends.


Today I had some gems arrive ready to have a go at blinging a soother! There was no design in mind I just went for it and this is the result! It is still drying at moment as takes 12 hours to cure but once ready to use Daisy will model it for you. Think Maisie may need some bling now! On the whole though I prefer unbling dummies and she has 2 the same one without.

To make I bought 3mm gems and used my silicone glue I bought to make the fake drink bottles with be great to see yours if you make them! Pop a picture on our facebook page wall.




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