Halloween outfits


To make Maisie and Dolly’s Halloween outfits I used the sleeve pattern from here: Blouse and the bodice section of this pattern: Romper pattern. I have made this romper for my babies but I had to add length to the bodice base and pants top so wasn’t too tight around the crotch.

Maisie’s skirt I cut a circle skirt out. Taking the waist measurement in cm divide by pi (3.14) and you have the diameter. Just divide that by 2.

26 cm  / 3.14 = 8.75 / 2 = 4.37 cm. If you’re adding to a bodice for a dress take 1-1.5cm from this measurement this gives you extra to sew onto bodice whilst keeping waist measurement the same.

Fold your fabric in half then half again so you have two folded edges.


From the corner measure the number you worked out above and do this from the corner multiple times to create a dotted circular line. Join the dots.

Now take the measurement from the waist to desired length and add 2 cm. Using this measurement measure from your curved line and create a second line further down.

Mine was done for this tutorial yours will be neater.

image  imageimage

As I used pj bottoms for this I couldn’t cut a full circle so I cut 2 semi circles. To account for the join I cut the pieces with an extra 1 cm on the straight edge that wasn’t on a fold. This gave me the seam allowance to join whilst again keeping the waist measurement the same.

I’ve probably confused you now and if I have then have a google there’s lots of better tutorials out there that will help decipher my drivel! I made this dress before the blog so I have few pictures to show you.

For Dolly’s I cut the same bodice out and I used the same sleeve but this time I folded it on the line that is on there for short sleeves and cut the sleeves 2 inches from the fold just extending the cut line so you end up with a long sleeve pattern.


This skirt I cut the width 2.5 times the measurement of the bodice waist. So measure the straight edge under the text front times by 4 to determine bodice waist measurement and times that by 2.5. For Dolly this came to just over a metre. I cut one of cotton, one of gold tulle and one of black lace. I cut the cotton 1 cm shorter in length so when sewn it doesn’t show at the hem.

I followed the bodice pattern instructions for bodice by placing the right sides together except I didnt sew the arm holes, as I did my own separate sleeve. I followed sleeve pattern advice for adding elastic at the edge and then gathered rest to fit the bodice.

I then basted the lace, gold tulle and cotton ( in that order from top to bottom) sew short ends  together to form a tube. Gathered the top of the tube to match the bodice. Pinning outside of bodice to outside of skirt matching the back seam of skirt to back of bodice.( The back of the bodice should  overlap.) I then zig zagged over this seam after trimming to give it less bulk with Dolly being only small.


I also added ribbon and lace to bodice as the black of the cotton looked so different to the lace. I had planned to make a black cotton dress and over lay with the lace and do tulle underskirt but when I layered it how it was I loved it more. I feel the ribbon helps tie it together especially with an exterior bow added. It stands up on it’s on which is great to indicate how flared it is!

image image image

For Daisy’s I used an easy ruffle dress tutorial then drew my own part for over the top. I designed this so they were 2 separate items. Here is a good option:gingham dress, otherwise there’s loads on pinterest. I then did a jumbled headband which at moment I’m unsure works! I then popped the tulle underskirt I have to give it more flare.

image image image image

Hope you like them! Show us your halloween ideas!

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