Caring for your reborn

Reborns aren’t babies and there’s certain rules to follow. These are things I’ve picked up along the way so if youve anything to add let us know 🙂

  • No bathing them. They will go moldy and smelly as they are not designed to be washed
  • No washing and shampooing their hair. It is mohair and a fabric it doesn’t need washing with shampoo see our Hair Care post
  • No dark clothes unless you are 100% sure all dye is washed out  i.e jeans, black tights. They will leave marks on your baby and its best to put tights or leggings underneath trousers
  • Wipe baby with damp cloth every now and then to get rid of dust and any dirt on baby
  • Resist touching their ‘skin’ a lot as will make baby shiny and could rub off the paint
  • Brush their hair sparingly as you will start to find bald spots and I’ve seen recommendation to have silk pillow as doesn’t pull the hair as much as cotton sheets
  • Treat your reborn like a baby when handling so no throwing them, hold their head, don’t put stress on limbs and body parts.
  • Supervised cuddles around children
  • Do not use baby wipes they can strip the paint. damp cloth only and only when needed

Remember unless your doll gets holes in her or beyond moldy most accidents or mistakes can be fixed



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