Clothes tutorial links

Pictures of clothes my girls are wearing with links to tutorials including any links to items you can buy

Shirt dress

Extend the side seam for a dress and use our tutorial for making bigger.

Click Dolly for pattern link.


Ruffle Skirt

click picture for link

Top on Dolly (left) is from Frilly Lily

Top on Maisie is from eBay as is Dummy clip


Ruffle skirt click above photo

For the white Sacque (cardigan tied at the neck) click second picture

The sacque tutorial is a vintage pattern and not always written that well if you need any help I’m happy to help best I can. It requires vintage tools which I translated to modern tools and 4 ply with a 2.5 mm hook is ideal.

IMG_0474 IMG_0385

Top Dolly wears is wearing a top made from this Ripple Dress pattern. Just stop at row 13 making sure to join the rows after sleeve rows are complete.

Her trousers were my own pattern. Follow our tights tutorial  to see how to use it to make trousers.

Maisie’s Romper was from this waldorf pattern. Waldorf dolls have smaller torsos so add 2 cm to trouser section or 1 cm to bodice and 1 cm to trousers.


Brianna Romper from Mamma that Makes.

Click picture for link.

I had to add extra rows to body to fit suitable for around 12 inch dolls.


Doll tights from Adult socks

click picture for link


Big baby gro to small baby gro

Click picture for link to how to make your pattern. Sewing tutorial to follow


Christmas Dress

Photo courtesy of Zuilly click the photo for another blog take on this dress


Using a t-shirt pattern to make a cardigan.

Click the the second picture for our own tutorial using same t shirt pattern to make ruffle cardigan and link to tutorial for first.


Barefoot sandal tutorial.

click the picture for tutorial


Peasant dress

. Click picture for pattern and use our tutorial for Downsizing to fit any size




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