Bright Starts Automatic Bouncer Review

For Daisy I have a bright starts automatic bouncer so I thought I would review it as I’ve seen a few reborn mums have similar make. I have the Briarcliff colour way.


Toy arch and clips that hold cover more or less taut.


Newborn insert, without insert and music box.


I bought this bouncer second hand so came as it is with just batteries to replace and the toy arch to pop back on.


  • Automatic bounce is great for real babies and I would have loved this for my boys. I bought this bouncer for my daughter so never got chance to use with a baby yet. However my youngest boy enjoys making it bounce
  • The toy arch is easy to move out the way or put back over without having to take on and off. It’s also fab for popping blanket over to create a canopy
  • Sits steady and solidly
  • Not too big as doesn’t tend to get in the way.
  • Nice depth of seat without losing baby in it
  • Lightweight and easy to drag on laminate flooring
  • Easy enough to wash
  • Lovely soft material that makes me wish I was a baby
  • Kidsii who sells these seats amongst other products have a very easy site to use and full list of manuals available for free to view if like me you bought 2nd hand (click stock photo above for link)
  • Colour of mine is muted but nice and perfect for either gender
  • Nice position not too laid down but not too laid back and there’s clips underneath you can unclip to make the seat deeper so baby is slightly more sat up.


  • If you knock the seat or bounce it yourself the battery unit clonks about a bit
  • The fastenings are awkward to open and close as are partially obscured by the fabric part
  • Hard to push backwards once dragged towards you
  • The seat isn’t the easiest to get on and off
  • You have to take the battery unit out to replace batteries and to take seat on and off
  • Can’t add your own toys to the arch unless tied them on with ribbon
  • As far as I can tell a young baby wouldn’t be able to reach the toys that are there.

Overall I would say for a doll this seat is perfect for a baby the cons are very small downers that really wouldn’t make me warn people from buying.

4 stars our of 5 and would 100% recommend

Here’s a couple of photos of Daisy in hers. As you can see the newborn insert makes her looks super cosy and supported without restricting her.

11403081_1459876960976107_6147323677202149464_n IMG_0361




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