How to buy & sell your reborn

Sometimes a bond just doesn’t occur and you want to sell your reborn so he/she can have a mummy who gives them more attention.

Here’s our top tips to selling

  • Provide clear pictures of all features: face, hair, hands, feet, body.
  • Provide close ups of all features including faults
  • Take pictures in good lighting. poor photos put buyers off and ring alarm bells thinking you have something to hide
  • Be honest. if baby has a boo boo (fault) tell potential buyers. You can still get a good price for baby but you prevent any claims you were dishonest occurring
  • Provide a safety picture. This is a picture with your name, current date and baby in the photo. Even a photo with you included. This proves doll is in your possession.
  • Show clearly what baby will come with. Dress baby in an outfit you will be sending or clearly state if baby will come with nothing.
  • Show baby as girl and a boy. Majority of reborns are unisex so someone may fall more in love with your baby dressed as a boy than a girl. Give them the option.
  • Make sure reborn is clean and tidy. Maybe style their hair or put a hat on as long as you have other clear shots of hair and face.

Things to watch out for when buying as well as above items some tips to question when spot a baby you love

  • If the price seems too good to be true then it is. Ask the seller why baby is a low price compared to other dolls of same quality.
  • If doll is a sold out kit and a low price then avoid it’s likely a knock off
  • Compare pictures of sellers doll to those online check they aren’t using someone else’s picture and check the kit they say it is really is what you’ll get.
  • If you don’t have clear shots and they give you excuses say no thank you and move on.
  • NEVER pay anything other than paypal goods. Never send cash, cheque, bank transfer or friends and family payment unless you 100% trust them. Paypal goods payment is only way to successfully claim your money back if goes wrong.  If they don’t accept paypal find someone who does.
  • No safety picture no sale
  • If they get defensive over questions move on. No genuine seller should mind endless questions about your reborn.
  • If baby hasn’t arrived within 30 days start a paypal claim. Even if they have genuine reasons start a case because if you wait any longer you will lose the chance to claim and seller has no incentive.

Buying a custom

  • Be clear what you want before hand. Once artist starts it’s unfair to expect too many changes unless you’re willing to pay extra costs for doing so.
  • Ask lots of questions no genuine and honest artist will mind. They’ve been through it with majority of their babies and are used to anxious or interested customers
  • Ask to see previous work and ask around for recommendations. It’s not fun waiting for your reborn without worrying you picked the wrong person for the job
  • Ask to see progress pictures. Any artist should agree and it’s really fun to see the transformation
  • As much as it’s ok to ask questions and keep in touch also give your artist time to work and not message too much
  • Ask all details before you pay. How long will it take, What shipping do you offer, payments, when can you start. You both need to be clear what will happen
  • Stick to your payments. Your artist has bought all the tools that amount to more than your deposit so give them the respect of paying on time or keeping them informed if you can’t quite pay on time.
  • Always pay goods and make sure to have adequate progress before the first payments time limit runs out. Most first payments are non refundable however that is to protect buyer if you decide you can’t pay. If seller doesn’t provide you with what you agreed the deposit can be claimed back.
  • If artist can’t start your baby for a few weeks or even months you may wish to only start payments when the kit is started. Ask your seller rather than assume.
  • Remember they are people too and have a life involving family and friends.

Happy buying and selling



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