What a week!!!


So as you all know I left my last blog happily awaiting for Amelia-Rose, little did I know the wait would be the longest week in my entire life!! Ok slight exaggeration but still it was awful.

I had no tracking updates until the day she turned up so all week not knowing where my baby was & if she was ok, I convinced myself she was lost on a flight halfway here, I had friends keep me going & of course my kids making sure they kept me busy.

So the day of her arrival comes I get a knock at the door & its the normal postman just getting my hopes up, how rude! Then half hour later the door goes again & I answer with the biggest grin knowing full well what he’s putting in my hands. I place the box on my kitchen table, carefully opening the box & all the layers she’s wrapped in, I have an idea of course of what to expect from her progress pictures but I was still excited. Carefully taking the cloth off to reveal the cutest little face, tiny fingers, a perfect little bundle! She was here! All those thoughts in my head didn’t matter just this little girl I cradled in my arms. I cannot explain fully what that’s like after loosing my baby girl, this was the first ‘girl’ I had been near, looked at, held & bought clothes for. She felt so special to me in that instant, like a mum should protect her baby yet she isn’t a baby it’s very weird but I know she is going to help me & my family deal with not having a baby.

I now have the joys & fun of picking her clothes, making her pretty things, getting her dressed just as I do with Rosalie, it’s the start of something lovely for us all.

I’m grateful for online shopping.

Click Amelia’s picture below to view the meeting video

image image

Thank you for reading 🌸



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