Fixing up Maisie

So Maisie had her eye fixed on Saturday. Here is her hospital stay.

Here she is in bed getting knocked out and Dolly saying good bye. Dolly and Maisie share everything so Dolly was rather upset and needed lots of hugs whilst Maisie was poorly.


I started by undressing her and finding the zip tie for her neck. I carefully cut this off to remove her head from her body. Once done I put the new zip in so I could keep her neck more closed and contents secure.

image  image

I lined a tub with cling film to put the head filling in this was to make sure was no dampness in tub from washing and also stopped it getting in any grooves.


As I’m fixing her eye I needed to have a view inside and watching videos I knew I had to push from the outside. It’s kind of scary but nothing bad happened and I was able to locate her eye and get the socket in view to put it back.

 image image

I popped her eye back and put some glue on the edges to help secure it. I also added some glue to other eye and made sure they were both in place. Her magnet came out with the filling so I restuck her magnet. This was a bit harder but by placing my finger on outside so I could see the shadow I was able to pop it on. I used E6000 for this which is fairly thick and sticky so as soon as you apply it you need to get it stuck but that’s a bonus as you’re not left holding anything in place for ages.

image image

I had to leave her for 24 hours for the glue to cure as didn’t want to risk any shifting. So I placed her face down on a towel seen as all the sticky bits where on her face side.


The previous stocking had split so I triple layered a new one. The filling her head back up was tricky and in future I would probably do it differently. I filled the stocking and pushed it in but this resulted in a split I had to sew up so in future  I will put the stocking in the head and use a funnel to fill that way so no stuffing required.

 image image

Voila she is done and complete. Her eye back in place for the grand total of £5 (£2 for zip ties and approx £3 for glue.)

Next job is her lips so watch out for my blog in a few weeks as I attempt to fix her up.


Someone was very happy to have her playmate and sister back.

 image image

Maisie is extremely happy to have her eyesight back also.

image  image

Look out for future blogs fixing up Maisie, doing up her lips and maybe one day adding to her hair.




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