Magnetic Soothers.

Today Maisie got a new dummy!

She came with a small newborn dummy that was far too big


So I gave her a reborn dummy which was a tad better but still not quite right. These have a little nodule on the back that houses the dummy so sit away from the face which doesn’t help the fit on such a small baby.


So this week in the spirit of her makeover I decided to find a very small one and I did.

This is a honeybug cutey soother designed for 10-13 inch reborns. See the difference. So tiny but so so cute.

 image image

Honeybug soothers have a slightly curved back which is smooth to provide a closer fit to your reborns face.   imageimage

You just pop the top off and determine which way the magnet goes by popping it on your babies face. The side facing outwards needs to face outward when place it in the compartment. I got my dummy from Bee Bee Beads. They do other sizes for bigger babies and the only slow part to receiving was down to royal mail! My order was posted same day and came within 2 days.

image image image

The same applies to making your own. The side of the magnet that fits your reborns inner magnet needs to face towards baby and the side that doesn’t should face outwards or away from their face.

When making your own you need to cut the teat off and glue the magnet in place with a strong glue suitable for plastic. You can then cover with felt so the magnet doesn’t risk scratching your baby’s face paint.image

Other ways include drilling gently or cutting away with a craft knife into the dummy so you’re able to sit magnet inside and it then can sit flush to baby’s face.

Like these pictures here (not mine lick the first picture for the source and to buy if you’re in the US.)

2899318_orig 4946295

There are also felt pockets so you can have the freedom of a felt finish but the option to turn the magnet round if you need to.

Start with 2 circles and cut the top off one only a little. You could get away with not even cutting top off. Stick them together round curved part, just the edges, leaving the top and inner part free from glue.

image  imageimage

You could make your own pocket very easily with felt and glue.



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