Making Fake Bottles Part 1: Preparing the bottles

You can make all sorts for your baby provided you’ve the right ingredients.

I decided to show you how I made fake bottle with recipes here.


Apple juice: You will need:

* empty clean bottle  * silicone glue

You need to seal the bottle so when tipped doesn’t leak out onto your baby.

For this you need silicone glue as this will stick to the silicone teat and is waterproof. I got mine off ebay for under £2. Using the noozle that should be supplied with your glue put it into the teat and squeeze a tiny amount. You want to cover the hole but not leave a huge blob. It was very difficult to show you the clear glue on a clear teat but hopefully that help indicate how little you need. I also popped a tiny bit on the outside of the hole.

IMG_0499IMG_0502 IMG_0501

My glue stated it was touch dry in 15 minutes and fully cured in 12 hours. You need to leave it to dry. I left it a few hours before putting the top on the bottle. At which point I added some more glue to the bottle and screwed top on to screw the teat and teat ring.


I then waited 12 hours and tested my bottle out. Voila it working even when squeezing the teat not a drop. This juice shouldn’t go off but keep an eye on it anyway and replace if need by soaking the teat and ring off in hot water.

IMG_0506 IMG_0505

I made the mistake of not preparing my teats before hand so would recommend to do this and next day make drinks so you can play straight away.

I’ve since decided not to glue further bottles at the neck so they are easier to redo and change if I want to. I’ve also figured you don’t need to soak to get the teat off a good twist and it should come off.

Alternatively you can use bottles with a sealing disk. I got 3 new bottles this week and they came with disks. You just clip it in and it’s sealed without glue. I have also sealed the teats that came with them so I can change how I use them.

 image image

As you can see for close mouth babies sometimes this can look more real as brings bottle closer to face and is easier for smaller babies as it reduces the bottle size considerably.


You can also but reborn bottles now without holeless teats so you don’t need to fuss with glue however seen as the glue is cheap this is a easier and very cheap option. You also have bonus of good wash and boil out replace teat and could use for real baby. However if you’ve used non food products previously I wouldn’t recommend doing this, only those used for the water and food colouring mixes.



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