Role Play

There are all sorts of role play some do with their reborn. Some examples are:

  • dressing baby up
  • ‘feeding’ baby
  • nappy changes
  • bathing (dry bathing for cloth body and full bath for silicone)
  • hair brushing and styling
  • making clothes, headbands, drinks, dummies etc
  • minor illnesses to reflect your own mood or state that day
  • taking baby for walks
  • meeting new people
  • playtime with toys
  • cuddles
  • sleepy times
  • setting up a nursery
  • showing off pictures
  • creating blogs and/or online profiles for your baby
  • introducing baby as your son/daughter

Others go further and these can include imitating abuse through neglect or severe discipline, severe illness and even death. Some have fantasy dolls which are another form of role play. We personally don’t enjoy these ideas.

Here at Dolly’s Girly World do simple roleplay.

Like feeding the babies:


To imitate feeding for photos push the teat to one side or resting on your reborns chin then from above and opposite side baby looks like she’s feeding. If you wish to do videos you can hold your hand out of shot and gently move bottle against baby.


Dressing the babies:

image imageimage

Putting babies to bed:

image 11133800_1432852400345230_2769198477113094490_n


image  11160663_1438964503067353_3590168604937718779_n

Taking babies out on the very rare occasion:


On occasion when the babies have looked very cute snuggled up or I’ve not had the time to interact a lot I will say oh they’re on a sleepy day or got a small cold.

I brush their hair and snuggle them lots.

This week Daisy has meet 2 people! She got very good responses and they weren’t too freaked out. This has made me more willing to speak up about my babies and not care if anyone else has a problem.

In some more exciting news we have a roleplay facebook group! Dolly’s Reborn Roleplay Fun so come and join us show us your baby and how you roleplay.





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