Local Trips Out

This week we’ve taken the girls on two trips. I will admit I hide them when we do. It just isn’t the place here to openly take them out. So if you too don’t have the capacity to do this openly here’s how I did it.

For cycling I got a bike basket and lined it with blankets, popped the girls in and if we went passed groups or stopped I’d gently pop blanket over their heads. I also made a rain cover to protect incase of freak weather.image

To protect them further they wore bonnets and snowsuits.


We had gone to the near by embankment for ice cream with the boys.

image image

Today we went for a picnic to see Elva the reason these girly dolls are here. So tucked up in big brothers pram with a sun cover and blankets off we went. No one spotted us!

  image image

Daisy and Dolly look ready for home here!



We plan to take them out in their carriers again soon.



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