Making a couch bed for your reborn

After seeing big versions of travel cots made into princess beds for toddlers I decided to make a mini version! You could use baby size stuff to make a bigger one but they take up a lot more room.

This is how it came and was put up like a normal baby travel cot or pack and play if you’re american.

I cut off the netting from one side to make the bed accessible from the side.


I had previously made small cushions, padded mat and a curtain net.

imageimage image

The girls can now sit in it to play and gossip.




Or to lie down and relax. Have an afternoon nap…


..or have a sleep over.


They also have lights for dull days and relaxing nights to be all cosy and girly.

image image

Personally I’m jealous! I want one to snuggle up in. I’m currently working on a cute blanket for the colder days to come. I’ve also added a pocket to the side for toys.

image image

I made this to reduce furniture so this is their main day place to sit and be pretty. I prefer it with the net off but the net serves a purpose when I’m out to keep dust off them and create a little hideaway for them.





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