Making Fake bottles Part 2: recipes

Here is part 2 for making fake bottles. I did originally write this as one blog but it got bigger and bigger so I’ve separated the two.

Apple juice: Some recipes use food colouring in water, either dip of yellow or mix of red and yellow but it’s so easy to go too yellow or just not look right.

I used a brown felt tip inner in water with a tiny drop of yellow food colouring watered down. (see first picture below) recently I’ve felt it just looks too pale and not quite right so today I redid it and it’s so much better.

This time I used orange and green tip inners in a glass. I added a bit at a time so it didn’t go too dark or too much like one one colour. There was more orange than green and the orange was a reddish orange rather than bright or yellowy. (see second and third picture)

image image image

Milk:  There’s a few recipes I’ve seen for milk. It’s one of the most popular and has the most options for making.

White fabric conditioner with one of the following: a spot of yellow food colouring, splash of vanilla extract or slight squeeze of a used tea bag. Others use pva glue  or yellow wood glue in water also.

My first attempt is half water with half fabric conditioner but was bit thin so have added more fabric conditioner. I think it looks like thinner milk and stops me ending up too much yellow. You can add touch of yellow to make it more accurate but I found this too tricky.

I’ve made a second milk and put yellow fabric conditioner in with the white. It’s less vivid than food colouring and isn’t designed to colour so gives a better creamy colour.

Here’s both for comparison.


Orange juice: I’d say this is one of the easiest to mix. You can use same as milk ingredients so if your milk goes wrong you can make orange juice instead.

White fabric conditioner with: yellow food colouring, orange food colouring OR a combination of both.

I used yellow fabric conditioner with tiny amount of red felt tip inner to give it a more orange look.

Below: without the red


Chocolate milk: Another easy one but took a couple of attempts.

The easiest I saw that looked real was white fabric conditioner with water and vanilla extract.

The first is vanilla extract and fabric conditioner and in real light looks actually like coffee so I added tiny bit of red and looks more chocolate coloured now.

You could use brown felt tip inner but might not look the right colour and end up too red.


Strawberry milk: So this is actually the easiest one because I poured pink  fabric conditioner in with water to dull the colour enough to be accurate. That’s it! You could also use white with colouring added.


Fruit Juice: This was meant to be grape juice but ended up less like grape.

Grape is meant to be achieved with red and blue food colouring added to water to make a purpley red liquid.

I added more red than blue to mine.


If you so wish you could use the pink fabric conditioner with some grape juice added for medicine.

For each tutorial I chose to use the inside of felt tips soaked in water then squeeze them to access the colour. They don’t go off like food colouring does and I had no food colourings in that weren’t just too bright.


If you use a jug you can experiment without needing to empty and wash out your bottle. A pin or wooden skewer is best for dipping in food colouring and stirring.

To prepare your bottles follow part 1.



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