This week

So what’s new this week!

Daisy got a new bed for a start. This is actually her big brothers from his baby days but I’ve wanted to get it out for a while. She looks so much better in a proper bed and it’s a pleasure putting her to bed every night. I popped her quilt in because the mattress is brand new but still sealed and seemed cruel to lay her on plastic.


I also got round to making Daisy a tutu which I think calls for a tutu dress up day for all 3 girls soon! We will have to see about getting Amelia-Rose one too! I made matching headband and barefoot sandals to go with it.

 image image

 The other night peering at my girls I realise how much importance I put upon their existence. How much they’ve helped me and how much richer my life is.


Many don’t understand and chose to judge but I don’t care anymore what people think. These girls are important to our family and have helped us heal from a truly horrible experience. They’ve brought joy back to our house and I personally find a lot of comfort for my anxiety from having them around. They also feed my need to craft .



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