Another Clothes Haul

I feel so guilty I keep vowing not to buy or make more but I end up justifying it somehow! Daddy won’t answer when I ask if the girls have too much he just says they’ve a lot.

Anyway this week I made Dolly and Maisie some funky pieces from a square 1960’s scarf.


Here it is. I forgot to take a before picture so had to screenshot this off my ebay and its not a good shot but gives you an idea.

I made a pair of funky trousers, 3 headbands and a reversible top although I didn’t make it to reverse it still can be. I also made some cream trousers to co ordinate with the top and added lace.

image image

Don’t they look cute! Like 1970’s chicks hehe.


Next up is Daisy got tons. She’s easier to buy for so the temptation is so much harder!

So we have 2 long sleeve vests with lace detail up top. My excuse was her other long sleeve vests look ugly under lots of stuff cos of that envelope sleeve many have. Plus she always need pretty stuff. The shoes are a good buy I’ve been looking for small shoes for ages. Most 0-3 shoes are huge and these are still too big but don’t fall off and make her look like a clown!

image image

The next item is actually really random I saw it one a hanger obviously picked up to buy then they changed their mind and just plonked it on nearest rail. Its size 0-6 months so a tad big but aside from slight baggy look I think it fits nice and looks so pretty.

It’s got a lovely rose swirl pattern on the jacket with sparkly hearts on the vest so another pretty top for under other clothes.

image image    image

I’ve got a thing for footed trousers too I think they look so cute and cosy!

image image

Now I promise no more spending well……….. I’ve been waiting months for knitted items for the teenie girls and now having to reorder elsewhere so there will be more but all handmade so helping out a wahm. Plus ducky dresses and of course they need special christmas dresses. After that I promise I will destash before I rebuy. Maybe



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