Dolly Adventures: Red Arrows!

Locally we had an air show recently. We especially went out to see the Red Arrows and the girls wanted to tag along. Zoom zoom are they here yet? Maisie!! Can see one yet?! Errr …no.   THERE THEY ARE!! Maisie look they are doing a loop. EEEE they’re so noisy! Mamma take a pic WOW look at the colours!! Looks like the girls loved … Continue reading Dolly Adventures: Red Arrows!

Dolly the Hairdresser

    Over the weekend  Dolly decided she wanted to do everyone’s hair. So out came the bath! Grandma Doll was too small Maisie and Rosie Were too big! Baby was just right and got a nice scalp massage. I want to do my hair now Mamma. Erm ok heres the mirror, brush and your headband. Oh I forgot I’ve got no hair!   I’ll … Continue reading Dolly the Hairdresser

Packing for Our Hols

Mamma we’re so excited to be going on holiday!! I think we should take this dress Maisie it looks so nice on us both I think we should take this for Daisy it looks so nice on. And this!! It’s got unicorns on. Mamma said some babies have to have nappies on their head when travel so they don’t get hurt. Mine fits.  Hahahhahahahahaahaah!! You … Continue reading Packing for Our Hols

Doing Jobs around the House

So today the girls decided to do a few  jobs round the house as they didn’t want to go out. We’ve been talking about repainting for a while so Daisy thought she could help us start. NO Daisy not with blue!!!! Next he decided to do some DIY. I didn’t tell her this is broken and will go to the tip but  she was quiet … Continue reading Doing Jobs around the House

Mysterious Adventures

Today Dolly wanted to do some mysterious adventures that only a small doll can do. Before she set off she had a quiet moment and meditated to bring her excitement under control. Sailing on the Seas! Ah har gimme all ya treasure! I’m the most fearsome pirate you’ll ever meet. Oh Dolly but you’re much too cute to be scary. You look so stylish too … Continue reading Mysterious Adventures