It’s September!

 We’ve been very quiet lately due to English summer holidays and kids being off school.

Busy days out the dollies couldn’t tag along to like swimming, shopping and others they did like picnics and bike rides!

Some lovely sunny days relaxing in the garden and gloomy days snuggled up.

The girls got a new blanket to match their bed/couch! Click the words to see the blog post about it!


The girls got ducky dresses! Don’t ask why I decided to make ducky dresses but I’m so happy they are adorable!


Amelia-Rose got a new dress too! Made by me of course hehe doesn’t she look pretty! Dolly got the left overs for a tutu and all the girls had a princess day.



Here are few more summer fun pictures of Daisy wearing some of my favourite outfits for her.


We also booked a holiday to Wales for next year and the babies get to come!!! More on that nearer after the new year though.

As always we hope you’ll keep reading and get in touch.



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