Reborn Toys

I thought I’d talk a bit about what toys my girls have and why I chose those particular ones.

Reborns obviously can’t hold a toy themselves and some don’t have the hands to even pretend hold. My girls all have different hands so I’ve chosen toys suited to them all.

Here is a few of what we have to start. The rattle came with Maisie and is good for wedging in the crook of her arm. The small pony is also good as its a good size for 14 inch dolls. It is a keyring teddy and is quite stiff so doesn’t fall out their arms. The white ring is great for smaller reborns with skinny arms as you can pop it over their hand and it rests on their wrist. If they have open fingers you can position in the palm of the hand too.

The final toy is from Natalie for Daisy. As Daisy is size of a 0-3 month baby this sits on her wrist as its designed for real babies.


Next up is more small toys. The doll and car was bought by accident but it’s perfect for my babies. The doll is posable so as you can see can be put in Maisie’s arms. The bunny Dolly is holding is from eBay its a china toy and not something I’d give a real baby but fab for reborns! Again you can just pop it in the crook of their arm. It’s also good for bigger reborns with open hands and wedges in there and it squeaks. You can get them in many characters just have a search for baby toy and set your search to cheapest item first. Doing this and all sorts of great cheap toys excellent for reborns are up top.


Daisy has this ladybird teether from a pound shop. With some careful blanket placement under her arm I can position her so shes using the teether as shown in picture.


You’ve also always got quiet time, bouncy chairs or swings with hanging toys.

Babies sometimes also sleep and just watch the world go by.




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