So many may ask why suddenly at age 30 did I have 3 dolls! Well truth is I’ve always loved dolls. As a child I had a few dolls I would dress, push in a pram, hug and be mummy to.

A few years ago I made a few fleece baby dolls for friends and myself so I thought I’d introduce you all.

I have 4 small ones and a newborn size one. The newborn one to me looks like a little marshmallow alien but shes part of the gang anyway lol! She has no name but does have a magnetic mouth so she can use a dummy/soother.


So lets say hi. Rose and Ben were my first ones. Rosie is my favourite despite her extremely pale look.  All the babies have belly buttons and the boys all have a little winky which my friends thought hilarious.


Second up was Jake and Alice (I can’t remember her name we gave so thats her new one)

Jake was my first open eye and the one my youngest boy adores the most. Alice is my second favourite maybe its just a girl thing but she looks so adorable with her bow and in her girly dress. I also feel alice has the most symmetrical head out of them all!

image image

You can buy the patterns for the fleece dolls from NimblePhish here’s her blog link.

I also have made cloth memory dolls that are gestationally accurate. Here’s some of my favourite pictures. They live elsewhere now including our very own Rosalie but I love them all and have been tempted to make more lately.

10351085_1433976950232775_7751550768392672675_n 10410673_1431482500482220_4072813761374030684_n 11010615_1433976800232790_8025243137210291102_n 11031158_1431482443815559_8116081529154062999_n 11054481_1422452494718554_2290960894445257647_n 11140016_1444922872471516_5338341191347178680_n

10387611_1409782372652233_2717366506251726483_n 10686686_1408393772791093_3978143030756961391_n 10983404_1410619435901860_140480238672220803_n

I hope to get a custom clay baby soon also to add to my collection I will share progress as I receive it.

What dolls do you have besides reborns? What dolls do you love but don’t own? Show us on our facebook page or group (both links are in the menu to the right)



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