Halloween Cauldrons for small dolls

With halloween approaching I decided to get on with the rest of the little babies outfits. This meant cauldrons. We had some yoghurts that had the perfect shape pot so with a wash out they were ready to go.

I spray painted all four thinking they’d be fine. Never read the can or looked for tips I just bought and sprayed.

As I was attaching wire the paint flaked off! Except off the rim.

So I did two decoration cauldrons and added the wire by making a ring to fit up top and attached handle to that and two useable ones with paint taken off and stickers decorating them.

For the ‘unpainted’ ones I went for the distressed look I still wanted that black element but couldn’t have.  I made a wand each by cutting down a kebab stick and putting 2 identical foam shapes on top.

The heart one I put double sided tape on the stick and tightly wound thread on. Make sure to catch the bottom end under the winding so you’ve no messy bits.

For Dolly’s cauldron I made a felt spell book, popped in a button that I thought resembled a tooth, round flat gem and a small potion jar filled with a toxic spell.

image image

For Maisie’s she got a rose ring, pink sparkly pom pom to represent a pretty bubble and a pink filled potion jar with a dreamy spell inside.

image image

These were really fun to make I just wish I got the painting right. Next time maybe.



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