Dolly Aventures Begin!

So what are the Dolly aventures? Well normally we take pictures of the babies new outfits, posing them on the couch, play mat and in bed. The occasional trip out somewhere the public aren’t. Well last night I decided it was time the babies got out more so I’ve set myself the challenge to take Dolly out to places we go and show you guys what fun things she gets up to for the next 2 months.

I chose Dolly because she looks more like a doll than a baby and from someone  who likes to hide my babies from strangers it felt like our intentions would be obvious. Maisie and Daisy will get a turn too!

Here is Dolly ready for her first adventure! She is dressed for cold weather mainly to protect her from dirt. She’s  sat in a doll’s swing seat that  doubles up as a carrier seat.


Today we went to the Village Pantry. An amazing cafe/deli/shop with yummy home cooked, local, organic foods.


See the yummy cake, we had the red one you can see just above Dolly’s head. It was a cheesecake with jelly layer on top. Before that we all had a late breakfast I had a veggie breakfast and big little brother had scrambled eggs. We also shared a hot chocolate. Dolly got a bit close but she’s allergic to chocolate so was told no.

image image

Setting off on the next part of our adventure Dolly got a bit cheeky and adventurous climbing trees and shouting to us to say hi. Don’t fall Dolly!!!!


On the way home we found some blackberries and Dolly wanted to take some home. The bushes were a bit thorny but she had a good go and let us collect the rest. Cheeky girl having a taste just to make sure they’re yummy enough!


Dolly had a great time today and is looking forward to her next adventure!

We’re off swimming and to look around a local posh home we’ve been meaning to visit for ages. So watch out for Dolly of the Manor over the weekend.

We look forward to seeing your thoughts on Dolly’s fun and taking part too. If you want to show your own adventures then why not join our Facebook group: Dolly’s Reborn Roleplay Fun and post your pictures. Maybe we’ll feature you here!

Otherwise you can post to our Facebook Page Dolly’s Girly World

We also plan to set up a sharing place for non Facebook users so will have more news next time. Any suggestions are welcomed.



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