Dolly of the Manor

Day 2 of Dolly’s Adventure occurred today! Dolly had a full day of activities.

We started off at the swimming pool and to get there Dolly had her first car ride!

She was amazed by the fast moving cars and how quickly we got somewhere. Dolly gets travel sick on the bikes but she was perfect in the car.


Once we got there Dolly had run running around asking me to take pictures of her here and there, oh and over there too!

image imageimage

Mamma look at me! What are these amazing pink things I look like a fish. Big little brother let me have a go of your ring it looks so comfy. Oh Dolly it’s not for relaxing in hehe.


After all that monkey business Dolly had a relax by the pool and in the sauna. Little Dolly in the big world.


After we got home Dolly had some singing fun with her brothers she was too excited to have a nap. Beautiful tune Dolly.


After lunch we cycled up to a house called Meols Hall. A local VERY rich family live there and have open times so off we went. After all every princess must feel at home here.

Mamma where is the house? Oh my there it is.

 image  image

Big brothers helping carry me in the guide even said hello to me and asked my name. He knew I was their sister and I was so happy. Here I am in an old highchair it say 1659 on it and the kind man let me have a go even though my brothers were told not to touch!

These books are just as old as the chair and there was sooooo many all  bigger than me. I better watch out no one tries to squish me.


What a crazy floor!


We were allowed then to walk off on our own. Mamma wanted a nice photo of the big house to show you but this is MY adventure so hiiiii I don’t think she spotted me.


My big little brother called this a castle it’s so big it’s perfect! Welcome to my new home. Mamma said no though I couldn’t have it and the fireplace was a bit dusty with spiders so I agreed.



Steep drop?!!! Mamma this isn’t funny quick catch me! **

Nice relax to calm my nerves after that scary wall and look me and Big little brother found a secret cave maybe Mamma will let me move in here it’s still pretty big.

image image image

They hold weddings here so I wanted to get some shots maybe one day I’ll have a husband. Hahahaha boys stink so maybe not!

image image image

Dolly slept all the way home snoring her little head off!

Join us next week for more adventures there may be animals involved.


** was only about 12 inch drop and Dolly was 100% safe the whole time.


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