Dolls and Animals

Do dolls and animals mix. Well today we found out!

Dolly is ready to go all snug and warm. As we were leaving Dolly spotted a dandelion in the garden. She made her wish I hope it was a good one. It was Mamma!!

image imageimage image

Next job was dog walking. Dolly hasn’t met a dog before so she was very wary and scared at first. To calm her down I showed her the pretty roses. No idea why the camera took the picture so bright I like to think it’s her fairy light shining through.


Well at first dogs and Dolly did mix. She had a peek from a safe distance. The she asked to have a ride…….imageimageimage 

QUICK jump out the way you look a little too tasty!!! Maybe you smell like a dog bone Dolly. Safe distance from now on. ARGHHHH


Off we go to get another dog. ANOTHER doll eating beast!! oh Mamma please no. It’s ok Dolly here have a go at holding the lead. AH that’s much better I like dogs a little better now they aren’t trying to eat me.

You see Dolly dogs like to have a sniff and a lick so please don’t be frightened.


URGH Daddy had to pick up dirty poop. Glad I’m too small to do that job.


On our walks big little brother always insists on buying chocolate.

I didn’t mind I’ve never been in a chocolate shop before. Wow what a big place!!!


After being rained on and catching a lift without being eaten it was time to drop the dogs back off.

Look Mamma maybe this is how boyfriends I will have. I don’t think your Daddy will allow that Dolly so shush don’t tell him.

imageimage image

Daddy told me a man up the road sells veg and plants and I could pick some to bring home! Daddy helped me because the tubs were so heavy but smelt so yummy! What will you make Mamma?

 image image image image image

SO much yummy veg wow!


After all that fun it was time to pick up a form so that big little brother can start nursery. I’m sad he won’t be home but Mamma says it won’t be for a few months.

We went home then for lunch and a relax. Dolly is looking forward to resting tomorrow and having fun at home with Maisie and Daisy before more adventures on Wednesday. She’s a full list of activities to try out but she’s told me she may just tease you all and only let you see one or two. What a cheeky monkey she is.




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