Dolly is a bossy madam at time so when she suggested I set up a school for her it sounded perfect! Dolly of course was teacher!!

Sit quietly class it’s time to begin! Big little brother what are you doing? This is Dolly & Teddy School hehehe.


Now Maisie what is 2+2? The answer is right there can you read it.


Now we’ll do letters Daisy do you know any? What’s this one?


Oh Mamma I’m having so much fun can we do something else now? 

Yes what would you like to do?

How about sticking?


Erm….. what happened!!!

image  imageimage

Urgh get it off my nose. Gross I’ve a sticky head now. DOLLLLLLLY!!!

 image image

Oops I’m helping take it off I promise and look a nice sticker for you Daisy because you’ve been so good.

image image

Here’s a sticker for you too Dolly for being such a good and fun teacher. Make sure you get Maisie one.

Ooh a pretty pink one thanks Mamma.


Look sssssh poor Daisy fell asleep sat up after all that excitement she just couldn’t wait but where has Maisie gone?


Here I am in the school library. I’m ready about animals.


There’s so many books I don’t know which one to read next!


Oh I like this one there’s so many pages. Don’t tell Dolly I’m here ………

image image

What a lovely fun day Dolly had with her sisters. She has told me she is going to let them join in now so you may see the occasional adventure from them too.



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