Mysterious Adventures

Today Dolly wanted to do some mysterious adventures that only a small doll can do.

Before she set off she had a quiet moment and meditated to bring her excitement under control.


Sailing on the Seas! Ah har gimme all ya treasure! I’m the most fearsome pirate you’ll ever meet.


Oh Dolly but you’re much too cute to be scary. You look so stylish too I’m sure you could ask nicely for the treasure.


Don’t fall in!


Next minute she’s off again and I found her in the garden. What are you doing there Dolly.

Putting up a tent Mamma. 


I’ve got my warm blanket and a comfy mattress. The sun is lovely too.


Why are you camping Dolly?


Because I’m visiting Shroom Land and it’s too far so I have to sleep over.


Oh wow look at all those lovely houses and the gnomes too! Say hi from me Dolly.


Hi Miss Lady Bug do you like my headband? My Mamma say hi.

 image image

Look Mamma I got to sit on one of the Shrooms. This is so much fun. Don’t fall off Dolly.


I’m off now Mr Gnome and my Mamma said to give you a kiss so… MWAH!

Oh Dolly you cheeky monkey!

Bye everyone see you soon.

image      image

What an exciting day Dolly get some rest before your next big adventure.



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