Dolly Adventures: Hospital

It’s been almost a week since we updated on our adventures. We got up to a lot but Mamma wasn’t well enough to tell you all about it.

Dolly came with me to hospital on an unknown trip. We hd no clue what was wrong. She came in the ambulance with me and looked after me the whole time.

Hugs for Mamma you look so tired.


Mamma, Mamma you awake? Why have you a tube in your arm? Mamma helllo.

I was asleep Dolly. It is 1 am!


After it was decided I needed surgery we were given some yummy toast as I couldn’t eat in a few hours. Oh cheeky lady nicking my toast! Nom nom whatyousay?

Lets get some sleep.

image image

Mamma what is that!! More tubes with rattly bits. Hi guys Mamma is much better now!

image  image

Hahaha do you think Mamma would mind if I nicked the bed  it’s so comfy!!

We can share Dolly there’s lots of room.


We didn’t stay long but I’m glad Mamma can come home now here I am in the lift ready for a sleepy ride home to see my sisters! Yayyy.


Keep an eye out as I update with what we’ve been up to in a cluster.



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