Dolly the Hairdresser



Over the weekend  Dolly decided she wanted to do everyone’s hair. So out came the bath!

Grandma Doll was too small


Maisie and Rosie Were too big!


Baby was just right and got a nice scalp massage.


I want to do my hair now Mamma.

Erm ok heres the mirror, brush and your headband.

Oh I forgot I’ve got no hair!


I’ll put my pretty headband on instead do I look pretty? Yes beautiful you do.image

I know I can do Maisie’s hair! Great idea Dolly!

Come sit here Maisie


You can wear a sparkly headband too like me


How do I look?

You look so pretty Maisie!! Do you like it?


Well done Dolly what a busy day! What’s next?!



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