Happy Halloween!

Here are some photos of the girls when we were having fun with some props. ELVA Vampire Queen        MAISIE & DOLLY Witches DAISY Ladybird Princess         Hope you enjoyed those! I took so many and couldn’t chose which to show you so I posted them all. The girls may not go out trick or treating so had to get some … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Safari Adventure

The only good thing about brothers is they have great toys to play adventures with! Well beside the fact they are nice to us and give me hugs a lot. Brothers are ok.. maybe. What’s that Dolly… behind you? What is it Mummy? Where is it?  Behind you Dolly!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHH IT’S A TIGER!!!!   It was a baby tiger though and very friendly! How about … Continue reading Safari Adventure

Make your Doll a Play Nest

You will need *sweet or biscuit tin/tub or other round tub your small doll can fit in *wadding/batting *material I used about 2 FQs (1/2 metre) *hot glue * needle and thread *sewing machine * felt *tape measure. Now don’t be put off yes I used my sewing machine for mine but you don’t have to as long as you tuck in your cut edges … Continue reading Make your Doll a Play Nest

Making you miniature doll a bouncy chair

You will need *wire (sturdy strong wire that keeps its shape and is stiff ) *fabric *wadding *felt *paper, pencil and ruler You will first need to draw around your doll an approximate bouncer shape so curve round head section and square off by feet. Next you need to measure your rough drawing so you can draw a neater pattern that is more symmetrical. You need … Continue reading Making you miniature doll a bouncy chair