How to shut a noisy Dolly up

So Dolly talks way too much some days! I’m fairly quiet and it gets on my nerves. When Mamma was out the room I decided to find out how I could make her shush!


Hey Dolly fancy a lovely sticky lolly? Make sure you eat it all up.

Mmmmmm yum that was lovely Maisie I love lollipops.


Well that didn’t work. I know Peanut Butter should stick her together. Come on sister eat up….

EURGH no way Maisie that smells yucky!!


MAISIE! What are you doing?!


I’ll take this in the kitchen.


That headband is so pretty Dolly can I have a look?

Sure Maisie you can wear it too if you want.


Mmmm wh u og. Sshhhhhh Dolly you talk too much! Your headband looks so nice like this.

image    image

So girls what do you want to do now…………

Erm Maisie why do you look so guilty.

Dolly oh my! MAISIE you are being a naughty monkey today!

Sorry Mammy


Maybe next time just use ear plugs! I will do Mamma. Sorry Dolly love you.

It’s ok Maisie love you too.





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