At Home Day

After watching Big Little Brother play with a camera Dolly asked me if she could have a go! Once we managed to borrow the  camera without Big Little Brother being upset Dolly got to work.

Ready Dolly? Ready Mamma!


Click Click. Smile Pup. Help me Mamma. 

Hand on the side Dolly other hand to press the button.

image image

Click Click. A nice tree and a Moomin House. Wow Whee so many pretty things to have pictures of.


Smile Dolly hahahaha Oh Mamma Say CHEEEEEEZE


Click. OOPS  but nice toes Dolly. Thanks Mamma haha.


Strike a pose Pup!! OOH selfie time come on Pup get close.

image image

Mamma will you take a picture please?

Aww what a lovely photo of you both.


After having  fun running all round the house Dolly saw Big Little Brother train.

Bet me and Maisie can fit in that Mamma!

ARGH I don’t like this Dolly!

Press the Button Daisy. CHOO CHOO! Click the photo to view the short video.


See you soon for more fun!



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