Naughty Daisy

Daisy has a bit of a cheeky streak and she can be a little moody when tired.

She rarely shouts or cries but she’s fond of throwing!

Trying to give her a bottle and when she’s done. CRASH! Give it her back and she’s ready to launch again! DAISY noooo.

image  image image

If you think she’s asleep and you get it wrong the mischief is often worse! Scissors Daisy no missy they are dangerous!


Mmmmm Big Big Brothers Cake was yum yum.

Oh dear better not tell him who finished off his cake!


Whenever she is asked who did this. Was it you Daisy? You get an innocent little stare as if someone this cute could be that naughty!

image image image

The evidence is there but you’ve got to agree she is cute enough to forgive easily.



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