Dolly’s Town Adventure!

Dolly has never been further than the couple of villages close by so we treated her to a full day out.

First we had to nip to the doctors and on the way we saw mushrooms!


Then she got to go on the bus!

What time is it coming Mamma. Look got the seat all to myself but don’t leave me behind!

image image

Wow look at everything!! DING DING


OOOh Comfy! Here’s my ticket I have to keep this safe.

Hold on tight Dolly.

image image

Need some money because Mamma says we’re getting lunch.


Up the stairs where will I end up?



Little Big Brother doesn’t like his food very hot so I’m helping Mamma cool them. Then I get to have a try.

image image image

Eeeee fizzy…….. BURP! hahahahahahaha


If I watch Daddy closely and for long enough he might share his cake. The power of my mind: GIMME!


It worked! I got first bite!!!!


That was so  much fun and lots of yummy food I even got to meet Little Big brothers favourite person Joanna!


We had to go to the shop before going home to get Big big Brother from school. It was so bright and filled with stuff.


I slept all the way home but had so much fun!! Can I go on  train next Mamma!

Soon Dolly soon.



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